VONK is Boris Bezemer en Gerjan Piksen.


For the victims of Great Pier

Great Pier, King of the Frisians, was a gigantic man, with an equally gigantic sword.

He loved his town Kimswerd, where he used to live a hard working farmer's life. His life changed in 1515 when the soldiers of the Black Bond burned down his entire village. Pier lost his farm, wife and children. It made him a bitter man. To get revenge he gathered other angry farmers who had had the same misfortune. After Great Pier and his army had dealt with the Black Bond he was unstoppable. His rebel army, the Black Hope, was feared by everyone.

Especially the Dutch were victimized. Great Pier burned Alkmaar completely to the ground. He was also greatly feared at sea, and he had collected a large pirate fleet. His pirates turned up everywhere throughout the Zuiderzee. The Dutch called him the Terror of the Zuiderzee and were terrified of him. Eventually, the Dutch decided that they could not go on any longer like this. In 1517 they assembled a large fleet of twenty-eight ships and five hundred soldiers off the Frisian coast to finish Pier off. Against all odds, Pier won the battle! All of the twenty-eight ships were conquered and the five hundred soldiers were ruthlessly thrown overboard.

Our piece in two parts was written in memory of the victims of Grote Pier. We hope you enjoy it.


A triangle comes to life from a flying square

This piece is made very strictly. We had a lot of rules for ourselves: rules to make really pure sounds, really pure music. It is similar to the Dogme 95 movement: they also had rules for purification. Our song is very geometrical. The first and loud beginning is our square. The square stops suddenly because that's what a square is like. The second part with the voices we call the triangle. The triangle looks a lot like this:

It is calm and blue. The tension is building up slowly, and then in a short time the tension goes down and it's almost completely silent like a silence before the storm. Finally the loud square kicks in again. That's the structure of the song:

The video is made by our two friends Olga Ganzha and Masha Ru. Together they form the collective xmas95. The two usually separated worlds of nature and computers blend together to form a quite intense and estranging experience.

Let us know what you think of it!

Quartet for violin, alto saxophone, bassoon and cello

Two people explore each other, and eventually find out that they like each other. It erupts in a fiery being together in which they completely go for each other.

This piece was written for the ending of the exposition in Museum IJsselstein called Veel Liefgs. It was performed in the Museum to celebrate the succesful exposition. Here you can listen to a recording we made on the final rehearsal before the performance (29 September 2013). Enjoy!

Violin:Tseroeja van den Bos
Alto saxophone:     Ilse Bies
Bassoon:Marijke van Essen
Cello:Rinske Bosma



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