VONK is Gerjan Piksen en Boris Bezemer.

Knipperflits 1: screening in Dordrecht

January 5, 2019

detail from Knipperflits 1

With weeps of wonder we would like to announce a VONK screening in Dordrecht next weekend! The very first installment of Knipperflits is one of our favorite creations, and it will be presented publicly for the first time ever during The First Night of Experimental Boredom!

We are very grateful to be part of this wonderful event.

location: Singel 222, Dordrecht
date: January 12, 2019
time: 20:00-0:00

update: Frits Dijcks from Jegens & Tevens wrote a beautiful article about the evening: "Met elk plopje voelen we een nieuwe waterdruppel op ons kale hoofd uiteen spatten."

New video by xmas95 for Triangle

May 20, 2014

Our dearest friends Olga Ganzha and Masha Ru from xmas95 made a very challenging video for our song Triangle. Why is it challenging? Click here to read more about the creation of this work.

VONK on the radio! @ Kanal 103 - Sunday 26 January at 22.00

January 23, 2014

radio building

With soft whispers of joy we announce: this Sunday at 22.00 we will do a performance on Macedonian radio Kanal 103!

"KANAL 103 is a free-form and non-profit radio station with cult following among the audience. Transmitting since 1991, it's promoting avant-garde music and ideas, and is responsible for the most important cultural transformations in the country." – www.kanal103.com.mk

Take a look at their colorful website or facebook!

http://radiostream.neotel.mk:8000/kanal103.m3u <------- live stream

VONK performance with Fighting Windmills - 12.12.2013

December 2, 2013

With snow melting under our shoes and great distances everywhere we would like to announce the next step in the VONK adventure. Together with Никола Крстевски (composer) and Александер Ниниќ (tuba player) we are working on a piece for tuba and electronics!

It will be performed at the album release concert of the Fighting Windmills. This will take place in Кино Фросина next Thursday 12 December at 21.00.

VONK (theater)

November 29, 2013

There is a huge problem: VONK is leaking, VONK is stolen, VONK escapes through our fingers into the plants, and only ashes will remain. In other words: We are losing more and more VONK!

What is VONK? VONK is the thing that gives you the energy to convince with speech. VONK is the energy you receive when people are listening carefully to you. We named ourselves after VONK. The loss of VONK makes us weak and influenceable.

But do not be sad. We investigated this problem and we found the cause.

In our presentation called VONK we will explain you with very clear experiments what VONK is, and we will prove that VONK can leak! Together we will search for a solution.

VONK show at the Skomrahi festival 2013, Skopje                     (click picture for more!)

Quartet for violin, alto saxophone, bassoon and cello

November 6, 2013

Listen to our latest work called: Two people explore each other, and eventually find out that they like each other. It erupts in a fiery being together in which they completely go for each other.

Musicians: Tseroeja van den Bos (violin), Marijke van Essen (bassoon), Ilse Bies (alto saxophone) and Rinske Bosma (cello).
Recorded on 29 September 2013, in Utrecht.

This piece was written for the ending of the exposition in Museum IJsselstein called Veel Liefgs. It was performed in the Museum to celebrate the succesful exposition. Here you can listen to a recording we made on the final rehearsal before the performance (29 September 2013). Enjoy!

VONK on bicycle holiday

July 22, 2013

A year ago, somewhere here VONK was born. This year we have returned safely from bicycle holiday once again, so you can still book us for all your parties and celebrations!

VONK in Museum IJsselstein, 29 September 2013

August 29, 2013

With tears of joy we would like to announce that our newest work will be performed at the finissage of the exhibition Veel liefgs in Museum IJsselstein!

The piece that we will present is written for violin, alto saxophone, bassoon and cello. The theme is love. But what do we understand of love? It starts with a small spark, and then continues to grow until it has become huge and incomprehensible.

We have the great pleasure that four passionate musicians will rehearse and perform our work: Tseroeja van den Bos (violin), Marijke van Essen (bassoon), Ilse Bies (alto saxophone) and Rinske Bosma (cello).

Veel liefgs is the first collaboration in twenty-five years between visual artists Margriet Smulders and Frank Bezemer. Love is the central theme of the exhibition. To celebrate and finish this succesful exhibition, we were asked to do a performance.

VONK also did a wild performance at the opening of Veel liefgs. It was a great success, so you do not want to miss out on our return to IJsselstein!

Programme Sunday 29 September
14.30 Entry and reception
15.00 Welcome by Bert Murk and Frank Welkenhuysen in conversation with the artists
15.20 Performance VONK
15.35 Viewing the exhibition

Museum IJsselstein, Walkade 2-4, 3401 DS IJsselstein (Google Maps link)

www.museumijsselstein.nl / MIJ on Facebook


July 22, 2013

We would like to welcome our new international fans! During our travels to Lithuania where we made music for dance films we met a lot of great people who don't speak Dutch but do speak English. This is why from now on the main language on our website will be English.

Knipperflits @ Sterrewacht Museumnacht Leiden

VONK staat 25 mei met Knipperflits op de Museumnacht in Leiden.

Zie ook het filmpje van Knipperflits op de Museumnacht in het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

25 mei 2013
20:00 - 01:00
Sterrenwachtlaan 11
2311 GP Leiden


For the victims of Great Pier

March 14, 2013

Great Pier, King of the Frisians, was a gigantic man, with an equally gigantic sword.

He loved his town Kimswerd, where he used to live a hard working farmer's life. His life changed in 1515 when the soldiers of the Black Bond burned down his entire village. Pier lost his farm, wife and children. It made him a bitter man. To get revenge he gathered other angry farmers who had had the same misfortune. After Great Pier and his army had dealt with the Black Bond he was unstoppable. His rebel army, the Black Hope, was feared by everyone.

Especially the Dutch were victimized. Great Pier burned Alkmaar completely to the ground. He was also greatly feared at sea, and he had collected a large pirate fleet. His pirates turned up everywhere throughout the Zuiderzee. The Dutch called him the Terror of the Zuiderzee and were terrified of him. Eventually, the Dutch decided that they could not go on any longer like this. In 1517 they assembled a large fleet of twenty-eight ships and five hundred soldiers off the Frisian coast to finish Pier off. Against all odds, Pier won the battle! All of the twenty-eight ships were conquered and the five hundred soldiers were ruthlessly thrown overboard.

Our piece in two parts was written in memory of the victims of Grote Pier. We hope you enjoy it.

9-2-2013 Museum IJsselstein

VONK treedt zaterdag 9 februari op in Museum IJsselstein om de opening van Veel liefgs te vieren, de nieuwe tentoonstelling van Margriet Smulders en Frank Bezemer. VONK verzorgt vernieuwende muziek met een grote rol voor het publiek. Geprogrammeerde geluiden, gloeilampen en geluk. We gaan onder andere onze nieuwe installatie Ontluik tonen. Hieronder alvast een voorproef.

Om 14.30 gaan de deuren open en om 15.00 begint het programma.

www.museumijsselstein.nl Walkade 2-4, 3401 DS IJsselstein


VONK - Ontluik

KNIPPERFLITS @ Museumnacht Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

VONK presenteerde tijdens Museumnacht zaterdag 3 november de installatie KNIPPERFLITS in het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Prachtig om te zien hoeveel mensen enthousiast deelnamen aan de installatie: heel erg bedankt!

Hieronder vind je een videoverslag van de avond.

The film is in Dutch, but there are English subtitles available in the bottom right corner of the Youtube window.


Knipperflits 2

Knipperflits 1