VONK is Gerjan Piksen en Boris Bezemer.

VONK (theater)

There is a huge problem: VONK is leaking, VONK is stolen, VONK escapes through our fingers into the plants, and only ashes will remain. In other words: We are losing more and more VONK!

What is VONK? VONK is the thing that gives you the energy to convince with speech. VONK is the energy you receive when people are listening carefully to you. We named ourselves after VONK. The loss of VONK makes us weak and influenceable.

But do not be sad. We investigated this problem and we found the cause.

In our presentation called VONK we will explain you with very clear experiments what VONK is, and we will prove that VONK can leak! Together we will search for a solution.

VONK show at Skomrahi festival 2013, Skopje


Five very surprising changes occured in the last fifteen years:

What do these five changes tell us?